Different Types of Printing Services That Will Suit Your Needs

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There are a variety of options to choose from when technologies are involved in printing services. Below are the following basic printing services:

  • Digital Printing
  • Flexography
  • Gravure
  • Screen Printing
  • Offset Printing

This article is written to give you a short brief of explanation about the different types of cheap printing services singapore

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Digital Printing: Xerography and Inkjet

Digital printing has two types of services you can choose from:

  • Xerography: The picture that should be printed by using xerography is to shape the design by applying a charge to a metal chamber called “drum”. This metal chamber is used to draw in toner particles. These particles are carefully exchanged for the design that is printed on. To make sure that the toner is settled correctly, the substrate goes through the equipment fuser so that it can melt with the toner.
  • Inkjet: The picture that should be printed is made by tiny droplets of ink that are synced from the spouts of print heads. Inkjet tools can print on different kinds of substrates, for instance, such as plastic papers, canvas, tiles, and even doors.

Flexography Printing

The substance should be printed on the alleviation printing plate which is made using a rubber. The plate is printed in exchanged to the printing surface. The process can be used to print on different kinds of papers, cellophane, or plastics.

Gravures Printing

It is a method in which pictures are carefully engraved into a printing device such as a barrel. This barrel is inked and the ink is transferred to the paper. It is commonly used for packaging, magazines, and daily papers.

Screen Printing 

The printing service varies depending on a fabric screen. Other regions of this process are covered with non-porous substances. Ink can be worked through the work onto a substrate. The good thing about this printing service is you don’t need to level the ink so it can hold quicker to an extensive different kind of materials such as textiles, ceramics, papers, woods, and metals.