What are the various amazing range collections of Metomics?

Listed below is the various collection belonging to the Metomics

  1. Elements- The elements collection of metomics is where the journey begins for the users, it contains all individual aluminium blocks  that are 2×2, 1×6, 2×3. There is a simple way created for the users so that they can keep adding more to their collection whenever they need an element to begin or complete their design. By simply entering the word Metomics in the elements pack the users can build their designs block by block and the way they want.

Top 5 Elements Collection- 3×2 Corner Plate #100022BA, 3×2 Corner Plate #100022RA, 3×2 Corner Plate #100022GA, 3×2 Corner Plate #1000225B, 3×2 Corner Plate #1000225A

  1. Collector – With incredible design ideas and digital instructional guide the collector range brings the users assistance and educational toys hong kong are involved in every range. There is a 3 in 1 series that can be tried by the users to explore a wide range of creatures and figurines in Metomics blocks to build with.

Top 5 Collectors – Mind3 charcoal black, Mind3 Ruby Red, Mind3 Aztec Gold, Mind3 Space Silver, Mind3 Azure Blue.

  1. Pocket- It is  the latest range to the collection of Metomics .

Top 5 Pocket – Lion, Letters, Whale, Panda, Red Macaw

  1. Seasonal – This range keeps on changing throughout the year in order to deliver special models and sets on special occasions such as father’s day, mother’s day and are released as limited editions.
  2. Plus – It is a collection of useful accessories for the users of Metomics.

Top of Plus – Separator W, Separator M