Mail Delivery Cut to Only 5 Days a Week?


The U.S. Postal service had a $2.8 billion budget deficit in 2008. As more people favor e-mail and forgo “snail” mail the postal service is in a financial crisis. The Postmaster General John E. Potter today requested Congress approve a change to mail delivery on only five days of the week rather than six according to the Washington Post.

The Postmaster wants to “suspend deliver on the lightest deliver day.” This would cut costs for mail delivery, processing mail, and mail distribution networks according to the Washington Post. Would delivering mail only five days a week help the U.S. Postal service solve its financial problems? That is a difficult question to answer.

It is clear that younger Americans can’t be bothered with using traditional postal mail. With e-mail, IM, and social networks like Facebook, instant communication is available and much more exciting to teenagers and young adults than old fashioned “snail” mail.

We are a society that likes everything set on a fast pace. This does up the stress levels of life, but it probably won’t change the fact that Americans expect to be able to stay in constant contact with friends and the office.

The quaint notion of a hand-written letter is very special to older folks but younger Americans just can’t be bothered with the time lag of traditional mail. They like rapid-fire communication shooting back and forth perhaps up to hundreds of times a day. They are in constant contact with friends. Parents often lament at the huge amount of text messages showing up on phone bills when their children are in college. They wonder how the kids are getting any work done with the ongoing flow of text messages all day long.

I would not be bothered if the post office cuts mail to only 5 days a week. It would probably not be a very noticeable change for many people. cekongkirekspedisi

I do treasure the real letters I receive in the mail. They are uncommon now. Not too many people can be bothered to sit down and write a real letter on lovely writing paper and take it to the post office to mail it.

Snail mail seems to be a dying tradition. The Postmaster may actually be helping the use of real mail become more obsolete if he changes the system to only deliver mail 5 days a week. People who are already exasperated at how long it takes the mail to be delivered may get even more impatient.